Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Horses

image11AT LAST

“Andy” is one of our great teachers. He teaches adults from flatwork through jumping 2’6 courses. He loves his job and everyone loves him.




“Bear” is one of our best schoolmasters, from teaching kids how to trot on the lunge line to jumping 2′ courses. He can do it all! Super sweet and has the best personality, he is one of the favorites!



“Edward” is one of our more advanced horses who loves to jump! He brings kids and adults from small courses up to the 2’6.





“Lazer” is one of our great teachers. He teaches kids and adults of all ages from walk-trot to jumping small courses.




“Stella” is the perfect beginner pony. She loves teaching little kids how to trot; her favorite things are peppermints and little kids! Stella is our first pick for first time riders!