For all ages and all levels

We are a specialized hunter/jumper barn guiding riders from school shows to national level. Our program has produced champions in both hunters and equitation. With more than 30 years of experience teaching and training in the industry, instructor Waddy Oursler trains one-on-one with beginners, emphasizing the fundamentals of horsemanship and riding.

For more experienced riders, we concentrate on perfecting riders’ skills and preparing them for competition or what the individual riders’ goals might be. All lessons are scheduled at the client’s convenience and designed for individual riders to gain the most rewarding and fun experience. We discuss goals and budget honestly and collaborate with our students and their families to ensure alignment of ambitions align with a realistic timeline within a specific budget.

It is never too late to learn how to ride, at Waters Edge, we welcome beginners of all ages. The barn also has a supportive group of grown-ups, who rode as a child, took a long break, and recently returned to the sport to rekindle their joy of being around horses. Come see us!



We are a full service facility. Prior to the lesson the horse is professionally brushed and tacked by our staff, both for your convenience and to give our groom time to assess the horse and position the saddle, bridle, wraps etc. Post lesson, the groom will take over your horse again, give the horse a bath and tend to any issues that might need attention.

Lesson Horses


“At Last” aka “Andy” is one of our great teachers. He teaches adults from flatwork through jumping 2’6 courses. He loves his job and everyone loves him.


“Lazy Days” aka “Lazer” is the grand old man at Waters Edge Stables. is an impeccable teacher and takes students of all ages from walk-trot to jumping small courses. His super power is his quiet, gentle canter and his ‘lets get to work’ attitude.

We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students and horses.

Our lesson horses are dependable teachers, they are well-trained and we carefully select the perfect horse for each student. They are horses with extensive experience carefully selected with the students needs in mind.

Sometimes you ride the same horse, sometimes we give you a new horse to help you develop new strengths or explore your progress.

You are always welcome to arrive early, connect with your horse and to hang out in the stable after your lesson. Take your time, we love to get to know you!


Please contact Waddy Oursler for details on our lesson opportunities.

Lesson Horses


”Huckleberry” aka “Huck” is a celebrity pony throughout the State of Florida, his charm and  ‘talking lips’ just give him a that “It Factor.” Huck has taught numerous children the art of riding, from their first lesson, to their first show all the way to the winner circle.  He loves his job, and has a keen skill to teach kids how to jump!


“Edward” is one of our more advanced horses, who love to jump! He brings kids and adults from small courses up to the 2’6.

Lessons at Waters Edge