26 Oct

CFHJA September 26th-29th

Another Successful and fun horse show for the  whole Waters Edge Crew!! 

Dorian Cieslak & Fellow Van’t Polderhof: Champion of the Adult Equitation; Winner of the Ariat Adult Medal

Dorian Cieslak & Varina: Reserve Champion of the Adult Hunter 18-35

Lily Spafford & Cherrybrook Just Blue In: Champion of the Medium pony; Champion sm/med Childrens Pony; Champion 11 & under

Lilly Spafford & Blackout: Winners of the Childrens Pony Classic

Lola Dishman & Maranatha Pizzazz: Champion of the Short stirrup Hunter

Hannah Hilal & Mahoney: Top ribbons & highest scoring Jr/Am rider in the USHJA Hunter Derby ; Top ribbons in the Childrens Hunter Classic

Hannah Hilal & Casanova: Reserve Champion in the Childrens Hunter

Larah Darden & Johnny Dublin: Top Ribbons in the Low Childrens Jumper

Aimee Holtzapple & Billabong: Top Ribbons in the 1.00m Jumpers; Top Ribbons in the Low Childrens Jumper

Amy Hughes & Ernesto M: Clear rounds in both the 1.00m & Low Adult Jumpers

Amy Yoder & Cantakerous: Top Ribbons in the 1.05m Jumpers; Top ribbons in the High Adult Jumper Classic

Gabby Savettiere & Queen of Hearts: Champion of the Low non-pro Hunter; Reserve Champion of the Pre-Adult Hunter

Jessica Cross & Stitch: 4th the 1.25m Welcome Stake; Top ribbons in the $15,000 CFHJA Grand Prix

Congratulations to all of our riders, and of course many thank yous to our whole team for keeping our horses beautiful, and our riders smiling!!

24 Oct

Southeast Medal Finals

Team Waters Edge brought their A Game to Southeast Medal Finals, coming home with countless blue ribbons and memories to last a lifetime!

Dorian Cieslak & Fellow Van’t Polderhof: Winners of the SEMF Adult Hunter Division

Larah Darden & Johnny Dublin: Winners of the SEMF Low Childrens Jumper Division

Marlee Altizer & Pegas De Thurgis: Winners of the SEMF High Child/Adult Jumper Division

Hannah Hilal & Mahoney: Winners of the SEMF Childrens Hunter Division

Gabby Savettiere & Queen of Hearts: Winners of the SEMF Low Adult Hunter Classic

Jessica Cross & Varina: Champion of the 3’3 Performance Hunter Division

Lola Dishman & Maranatha Pizzazz: Top ribbons in the SEMF Short Stirrup Equitation

Dorian Cieslak & Varina: Top ribbons in the SEMF Adult Hunters Division

Aimee Hotzapple & Billabong: Top ribbons in the SEMF Low Childrens Jumper Division

Lily Spafford had wonderful rides, moving up to the Childrens Pony Division on both of her new ponies!

Also, A huge congratulations to Dorian Cieslak and her own Fellow Van’t Polderhof for being awarded SEMF 2019 Best Horse award & recipients of the Bling Bling Memorial Trophy!

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