10 Dec

2020 CFHJA Year End Awards

Waters Edge would like to congratulate our 2020 year end award winners!!

Lily Spafford & Cherrybrooks Just Blue InChampion of the Sm/Med Childrens Pony Hunter; Champion of CFHJA Pony Equitation; Reserve Champion of the 11 & Under Equitation

Hannah Hilal & Mahoney Champion of the 3’3 Junior Hunters

Sloan Powell & Le Elaze Reserve Champion Modified Ch/Ad Hunter; 5th in the 2’6 Adult Equitation; 6th in the Adult Equitation

Ellie Blair & Midnight Moon3rd in the Short/Long Stirrup Hunter; 3rd in the Short/Long Stirrup Equitation

Aimee Holtzapple & Billabong3rd in the Low Childerens Jumpers

Dorian Cieslak & Fellow Van’t Polderhof- 4th in the Adult Equitation

Dorian Cieslak & Varina 4th in the 3’3 Amateur Owner Hunter

Lola Dishman & Edorable- 4th in the CFHJA Pony Equitation; 6th in the Childrens Pony Equitation

Gabby Soloman & HMS Chandler 4th of the Thoroughbred Hunters

Jessica Cross & Stitch 5th in the CFHJA Grand Prix; 5th in the Open 1.30m Jumpers

Gabby Savettiere & Queen of Hearts4th in the Low Hunter Non-Pro

Gabby Savettiere & Bohemian Rhapsody5th in the Baby Green Hunter

Amy Yoder & Cascaval Z5th in the Adult Amateur Jumpers


Waters Edge is so please with our riders discipline and dedication this year, we cant wait for another successful show season in 2021! A special thank you to all our Waters Edge staff for making yet another show year full of fun, learning and great horses!



18 Dec

2019 CFHJA Awards Banquet

Wrapping up the 2019 show season with a beautiful, fun and 1920’s themed year end banquet for the CFHJA curcuit, the Waters Edge crew came home with loads of ribbons we have worked towards all season along with memories and fun times we will never forget!!

Lily Spafford- Champion in the Short Stirrup pony Equitation

Hannah Hilal & Mahoney- Champion of the Children’s Hunter 15-17

Hannah Hilal- Champion of the 15-17 Equitation

Lola Dishman- Champion of the Crossrail Equitation

Gabrielle Savettiere & Queen of Hearts- Champion of the Low Hunter Non Pro

Lily Spafford- Reserve Champion of the Children’s Pony Equitation

Gabrielle Savettiere & Queen of Hearts- Reserve Champion of the Adult Hunter 2’6

Lily Spafford & Cherrybrooks Just Blue In- Reserve Champion Sm/Med Children’s Pony

Lily Spafford & Midnight Moon- Reserve Champion of the Short Stirrup Pony Hunter

Dorian Cieslak & Varina- Reserve Champion 3’3 Performance Hunter

Dorian Cieslak & Varina- Reserve Champion of the Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35

Gabrielle Savettiere- 3rd in the 2’6 Adult Equitation

Lily Spafford & Cherrybrooks Just Blue in- 3rd in the Medium Pony Hunter

Lily Spafford- 3rd in the 11 & under

Lola Dishman & Picturesque Knick Knack- 3rd in the Crossrail Hunter

Percy Macmillian & Casanova- 4th in the Low Hunter

Ashley Dishman & London T- 4th in the Adult Amateur Hunter 36 and over

Hannah Hilal & Mahoney- 5th in the Modified Child/Adult Hunter

Gabrielle Soloman & Chandler HMS- 6th in the TB Hunter

Emily Deverona & Leo Augusto- 6th in the Beginner Equitation

At the end of a long show season, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge all parties who make a successful season fall into place, from the parents cheering us on, our trainers who put in countless hours to be sure both our horses and riders are prepared for every class, our team of guys who keep our horses in tip top condition, and lastly to our horses who are the reason we all love this sport so much.

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